Smart building with LoRaWAN technology.

Smart building solutions with IoT insights

Retrieve and share information more easily with IoT

Traditional buildings have a robust structure that needs a comprehensive approach to be updated. We can operate completely in buildings by using IoT devices to extract information about light, indoor air quality, lighting, PIR (motion), energy consumption, security, etc.

Milesight's innovations pave the way for storing, using, and sharing data from any IoT device.

Everything related to obtaining information and automating various processes.

It is a simple application that offers reduced business expenses.


The features that IoT offers are:

  • Extensive upgrading of the building system
  • Integration of the existing network and the latest technology.
  • There is no consensus on what a smarter building should look like.

A Smarter building with IoT strategy

Use IoT technology to collect data on various aspects within buildings through LoRaWAN networked sensors and IoT Cloud.

The building will be more efficient, optimize costs and reduce environmental impact.




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