Solutions to amplify 2G / 3G signal

Installing a GPRS / UMTS router, main problem encountered is total absence or presence of a cellular network signal very poor.
While in the first case there are no possible solutions, in case of a low signal level, there are several ways to resolve the problem, ensuring a reliable connection.

Scale used to measure cellular signal strength is a logarithmic scale with dBm unit. The following table shows connection quality related to value in dBm.

-120 dBm Impossible link
-100 dBm Weak but usable link
-80 dBm Acceptable link
-60 dBm Good link
-40 dBm Excellent link

Often problem of coverage is limited to the area in which router is installed: take as an example the installation of routers in control cabinets or technological rooms, often full of iron structures that behave as Faraday cages and shield the signal. The best solution in this case is to resort to high-gain antennas that allow you to extend the cable that connects the antenna to the router in order to move the point where the signal is acquired and then bring it up to the router without degrading.

It is essential antennas are sized according to the route that you plan to do with the extension. For example it is useless to buy an antenna in the medium-low gain (5-6 dB) and plug a 10 meters extension: due to junctions, welds, connectors and loss along the cable, the signal will be so weak that it will not be usable. It is also unnecessary to oversize the antenna and select a very high gain (20 dB) to move 10 meters from the router the signal will come loud and clear but at the cost of a considerable outlay.

When choosing the antenna must be wary of too much economic products with exaggerated gains, because their datas are often fake or evidence obtained with staggered.
One must also consider what are frequencies involved in the radio communication, because antennas are often designed and produced only for a well-defined range of frequencies, outside of which the antenna loses meaning and utility.

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