How to setup LTE router for a remote HELIUM mining solution


Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are the buzzwords no one could have missed lately, regardless of whether they are jumping on this new investment opportunity or somewhat skeptical. The media is full of tips and articles on why and how to invest in crypto, and it has been one of the hottest financial topics of the last couple of years. If you have been following the news on this a bit more closely, you have probably also heard about Helium.

Helium aims to create a decentralized wireless network powered by people. It works by deploying low-cost LoRaWAN Helium access points to transfer data and communicate with Helium servers for Proof-of-Coverage. In turn, validated hotspots are eligible for a reward in Helium cryptocurrency. We prepared a guide on enabling Helium miners in less accessible areas and expanding Helium network coverage. Read on the use case to learn how Helium miners can be deployed without access to wired internet or even electricity, with an entirely remotely managed solution.




You may also access a step-by-step configuration guide on our Wiki page.



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