Milesight AI Panoramic Surveillance Solution

Marcom distributes AI camera from Milesight

When people talking about surveillance solutions, the growing demand for large area monitoring becomes one of the key trends in security industry. Milesight understands the necessity of wide coverage surveillance applications, such as large open areas, shopping malls, airports, banks, hotel lobbies, schools, etc.

Tailored for ultra-wide monitoring scenes, Milesight AI panoramic surveillance solution provides a full 180°/360° panoramic viewing experience with up to 4K/12MP high resolution, ensuring the complete situational awareness as well as mission-critical details.


Panoramic Coverage for All-around Surveillance

By reaching up to 12MP ultra-high resolution, Milesight provides an amazing panoramic viewing experience with the finest details and the optimal user experience with On-board/client-side Dewarping at your service.

Dealing with More Details Intelligently

Equipped with a bunch of cutting-edge smart functions like AI Deep Learning, Advanced Heat Map and Fisheye Auto Tracking, Milesight panoramic surveillance solution offers powerful and accurate surveillance solutions to help security personnel work efficiently.


Broad Interoperability for Greater Values

Being devoted to maximizing the compatibility of Milesight surveillance system, the panoramic surveillance solution features various compatible technologies, like two compatible modes, plugin-free, ONVIF Full Member, etc., achieving pleasant user-experience.

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