ER800 cloud-based SD-WAN 5G router

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ER800 cloud-based SD-WAN 5G router

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EdgeRouter800 series products are cloud-managed SD-WAN edge routers launched by InHand to for 5G network era. Together with the InCloud Manager SaaS service, it provides customers with high-speed, secure network connection and one-stop network management service. We are here to power your business with unlimited possibilities.

Centralized Cloud Management

Subscribing InCloud Manager helps you to manage thousands of distributed sites all over the world, it monitors your network anytime and anywhere and improves efficiency.

  • Centralized management platform
  • Simple and intuitive graphical
  • Simple management and operation
  • Batch configuration and upgrade.

Zero-touch Deployment

Traditional network deployment requires IT staffs to arrive at the site everytime. To improve the deployment efficiency, we provide the InCloud Manager with the edge router ER800 to tuckle these troublesome deployment problems. Even non-IT people can easily complete the on-site installation with our plug-and-play device. It is connected to the Internet after simply powering on and a few clicks; also the IT staffs can implement the initial configuration of the equipment in the cloud without going anywhere.

  • Plug and play router
  • Scan code APP configuration
  • Quick access to cloud
  • InCloud Manager remote configurationù

A Worry-free Network: SD-WAN

Integrating hardware, software and cloud services to realize SD-WAN network, which provides "always online" high-quality network services, effectively proves the stability of business network. It also reduces the risk of network failures and network input costs.

  • The network is more stable, whether it is a cellular network or a wired network
  • Load balancing, link redundancy, fully improving bandwidth utilization and network experience
  • Link failover reduces the risk of network failure
  • Compared with private lines, reduce the cost effectly

Embrace 5G, Embrace the Future

It is equipped with 5G cellular network access capabilities, fully providing new capabilities and new experiences brought by 5G networks. The high bandwidth, low latency and other features make a better service.

  • Convenient access to 5G networks all over the world, backward compatible with 4G networks
  • 5G high-speed network with 2Gbps downstreams
  • Low-latency network service
  • Support SA (independent networking) and NSA (non-independent networking)

Building the Next-Generation Network

Building a stronger and more agile next-generation network to power your business

  • Build a gigabit network: 5* gigabit Ethernet ports, it supports dual WAN links and can be divided into VLANs, and realizing multiple gigabit isolated networkservice.
  • Secure Gigabit wireless Wi-Fi network:802.11. ac/a/b/g/n,maximum bandwidth 1200Mbps, 2.4G+5G Wi-Fi dual-band, AP/STA mode, multiple security authentication methods and Encryption algorithm:TKIP and CCMP
  • IPv6: realizing IPv4 and IPv6 dual protocol, build a more convenient and safer standardized next-generation Internet network.

Multi-dimensional Security Strategies

Providing a highly secure network environment and data transmission tunnels for enterprises, protecting the network from vulnerabilities and threats.

  • Firewall: access control, content filtering, etc.
  • Various VPNs, digital certificates
  • Authority management, identification authentication
  • Preventing DOS attacks and intrusion prevention

Alarm and Diagnosis

Comprehensive network monitoring, rapid troubleshooting of network failures, ensuring the stability of the network environment, reducing losses caused by network failures, and providing network insurance for business

  • Alarm policy setting
  • Alert and timely notification
  • Network diagnostic tools
  • Remote device control

Network Visibility

 Thanks to the visualization and refinement of network, we can gain insights into business problems from data, quickly troubleshooting faults and formulating network management strategies, and ensuring the businesses running.

  • Multi-dimensional data dashboard
  • Analysis of various data such as traffic, applications, equipment, networks, users, etc.
  • Practical statistical information reports
  • Overview of business distribution
  • With 5G, SD-WAN, security, cloud management and other capabilities, EdgeRouter800 provides a convenient, safe and efficient network for branch networking applications.


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