IR615-S-U-DS: 3G Industrial Router, 5 Ethernet ports. Dual SIM

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IR615-S-U-DS: 3G Industrial Router, 5 Ethernet ports, DUal SIM It works in envinronment at extremely conditions: -20°C ~ +70°C.

Nowadays, unattended devices including electric vehicle charging spots, self-service lockers, digital signage, self-service vending machines, kiosks, and intelligent medical equipment have been widely used in various industries. A large number of dispersed unattended devices require networking and centralized management to achieve operation monitoring, data acquisition, remote maintenance and etc.
As a stable, easy-to-manage and secure industrial 3G router, the InHand InRouter615-S_DS  is ideal for unattended devices networking and efficient management and with DUAL SIM


Stable Connection

Stable connection is essential for unattended businesses. Unreliable networking product is unable to recover from failures and onsite maintenance is required to conduct manual reboot, which results in longer downtime and increased costs. Embedded with hardware watchdog, the InRouter615-S is able to maintain high level of availability. It also supports multi-layer auto link detection and recovery to automatically recover from various failures, ensuring business uptime.


The InRouter615-S support multiple and professional configuration tools covering every step from onsite installation, Internet access to daily maintenance, making it easy for industry customers to complete the deployment and management of large-scale dispersed devices.

● Easy Deployment: The InRouter615-S supports Ethernet, 3G/4G and Wi-Fi to meet different onsite requirements; provides multiple installation options for various environments.
● Easy Management: The InRouter615-S provides professional network configuration and management tools including easy-to-use web interface, helping customers easily manage large-scale distributed networks

VPN and Data Security

The InRouter615-S is designed with a comprehensive security solution to protect business data, including encrypted VPN transmission and firewall protections.

● Data Transmission Security: support IPSec VPN, L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPN and CA;
● Firewall Protections: SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection), SSH (Secure Shell), intrusion protection (Ping blocking), DoS defense, attack defense, IP-MAC binding, etc.

Remote Maintenance

The InRouter615-S support InHand Device Touch Cloud, allowing engineers to conduct remote diagnostics, debugging and programming.

● When receiving fault alerts, engineers can log in local Device Touch client, access user devices remotely via on-demand VPN tunnels and complete diagnostics, debugging and programming; InHand Device Touch provides a secure and efficient way to achieve remote maintenance with no onsite visits required


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