VT310 OBD-II 26PIN All-in-one Cable

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VT310 26PIN IO OBD IGT: 26 Pin ---> OBD-II&Cable open end

VT310 26PIN IO OBD IGT: Suitable for heavy trucks with a OBD-II vehicle diagnostic interface, and supply power to the vehicle tracker through the dignostic interfce

This cable has P1, P2, P3 and P4 ends: P1 is 26PIN female connected to VT310; P2 is OBD-II male connected to the vehicle; P3 is open end that includes I/O, RS232-1 and 1-Wire; P4 is ignition signal terminal connected to the ignition on/off. Suitable for heavy trucks with OBD-II vehicle diagnostic interfaces, and powers VT310 through interfaces. Recommended for customers who need DI, DO, AI, 1-Wire devices or vehicle-mounted controllers.