hAP Lite

SKU: hAP-2n RB/R941-2ND-TC
MPN: hAP-2n RB/R941-2ND-TC
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Mikrotik hAP lite RB/R941-2ND-TC: 4 x LAN ports, 2.4Ghz 802.11bgn wireless with antennas (Mikrotik RouterOS L4), Tower version


Home Access Point Mikrotik hAP lite 2.4 GHz. with 5 switch ports (routerOS L4)

The home Access Point lite (hAP lite) is a small device ideal for your apartment, your home or the office.

Supports the WPS triggered buitton, for the convenience of not enter a strong password when someone wants to have the access at wireless, and it can also be told to change to HAP mode and participate in a Capsman centrally managed network by the push of a button.
Naturally, the device works with RouterOS with all the features, bandwidth shaping, firewall, controllo di accesso degli utenti e molti altri

The hAP lite is equipped with a powerful CPU of 650MHz, a RAM of 32MB, doppia catena wireless a bordo 2.4GHz, four fast Ethernet ports and a L4 licence of RouterOS. The USB power is included.



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