SPM10-2,5 Dust Probe PM1, PM2.5 AND PM10

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SPM10-2,5: Dust probe PM1, PM2,5 and PM10

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The SPM10-2.5 dust sensor is an industrial detector for measuring PM2.5 and PM10 dust concentrations in air using the principle of laser light scattering. This technology allows the number of particles per equivalent volume unit and the particle diameter to be obtained; an algorithm then calculates the concentration for each type of PM2.5 and PM10 particulate matter.

SPM is used to provide an indication of the value of particulate matter for applications where a measurement referring to regulatory standards is not required, but simply a plausible value to assess exceedances and report any alarms.

The sensor is applied indoors or outdoors and provides a continuous measurement available on two or three 4-20mA analogue outputs, one for PM1, one for PM2.5 and one for PM10.



  • Range 0...1000µg/m3
  • Accuracy ±10%.
  • Electrical outputs 4...20mA
  • Power supply and consumption 10...30Vdc 100mA @ 12Vdc
  • Operating conditions -20...+60°C, 0...80%RH
  • Response time 90s (preheating <120s) Materials
  • Materials Painted and anodised aluminium
  • Dimensions and weight Sensor body: 190 x 140 x 120mm (excluding bracket), weight: 1000g


  • Road construction sites with earth moving, cement dust or brick crushing plants
  • Air conditioning, HVAC and dust suppression systems
  • Greenhouses or closed environments
  • Port areas and coastal depots
  • Dust exceedance alarms in urban and industrial areas


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