WisGate Edge Lite gateway LoRaWAN Indoor LTE

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RAK7258 is an indoor gateway based on low power LoRaWAN protocol. It supports PoE power supply and can connect the standard LoRaWAN terminals and carry out bidirectional communication. Gateway can connect the NS (network server) via standard Ethernet, and support network and firewall functions. RAK7258 also supports 2.4G WiFi and LTE (optional) uplink communication connections.LTE version

RAK7258 built-in OpenWRT operating system, users can flexibly configure network parameters and LoRaWAN protocol parameters through the Web management platform. RAK7258 supports MQTT Bridge function, can use the MQTT integrated to third-party platforms.

RAK7258 can connect the standard NS (network server) and the local NS. At the same time, RAK7258 also supports the built-in NS. It does not need users to deploy NS in the cloud and locally. It is especially suitable for small and medium-sized scenarios in industry applications, saves the cost for server and R&D investment, and has the advantages of high execution efficiency and shorter delay. RAK7258 integrates the RAK2247 LoRa concentrator module, which supports eight uplink channels and one downlink transmission channel. For the heating problem of SX1301/8 centralized operation, RAK2247 uses the graphene, silicone grease to optimize the heat dissipation performance of chips and modules and ensure the stability of transmission.


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