DALI Multi-Sensor

GTIN: 4710901730734
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LDALI-MS2-BT multi-sensor performs occupancy detection and measures the lux level

The LOYTEC LDALI‑MS2-BT multi‑sensor performs occupancy detection and measures the lux level. It integrates perfectly into the L‑DALI product line of lighting controllers and LROC‑40x room automation controllers. The occupancy sensor uses a passive infrared and an acoustic presence detector simultaneously. The sensor is optimized for use in typical office environments, where even the small movements of somebody working at a desk and hitting the keyboard have to be detected across the complete detection area.

The LDALI-MS2-BT provides a presence detection zone diameter of 10.8 m at 3 m mounting height and is ideal to cover a typical office room or an area in an open office space. As well, it is suitable for highbay‑applications for mounting heights up to 12 m. The detection area for mounting heights from 5 m to 12 m is 256 m2.

With the built-in infrared receiver, the room’s lights, sunblinds and HVAC system can be controlled via the optionally available IR remote control L-RC1. In addition to occupancy and lux sensors, the LDALI-MS2-BT  comes with integrated temperature and humidity sensors. In room automation applications, those values can be used to calculate the current dew point. On the back of the sensor, there is a connector for three digital inputs, allowing to connect conventional switches and push‑buttons, window contacts, dew point sensor, etc. This feature not only saves on additional hardware, but also significantly reduces wiring costs, as the inputs can be wired inside the room and wires no longer have to be pulled to the I/O modules in the switching cabinet.

Furthermore, the LDALI-MS2-BT can transmit all supported beacon types (iBeacon, Eddystone UID beacon or manufacturer specific LOYTEC beacon) for indoor localization.

The LDALI-MS2-BT comes with three mounting options: It can be mounted in‑wall in standard flush‑mounted boxes, spring snap in false ceilings and on‑wall with the included surface mounting box.  

Communication and power supply is handled via the DALI bus. The LDALI-MS2-BT  is a multi‑sensor as defined in the IEC 62386 (2014) standard and can be integrated into DALI‑2 systems of other vendors.


Technical Features

  • DALI-2 certified input device, according to IEC 62386-101, IEC 62386-103, IEC 62386-301, IEC 62386-303 and IEC 62386-304
  • High sensitivity occupancy detection – dual technology (PIR and acoustic, separate sensitivity parameter for each technology, sensitivity adjustable), optimized for office applications
  • Lux level measurements
  • Built-in infrared receiver for optional infrared remote control L-RC1
  • Temperature sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • 3 digital inputs (dry contact)
  • Configurable Bluetooth beacons and services: indoor navigation, asset tracking and access to LWEB-900 room control solution
  • The LDALI‑MS2-BT can be mounted in a flush-mounted box, directly in false ceilings (spring mount included) or on-wall (surface mounting box included).
  • Multi-master compatible, up to 16 LDALI‑MS2-BT / LDALI-MS4-BT sensors per DALI channel given a sufficiently dimensioned bus supply
  • Supplied via the DALI bus, no external power supply required
  • Sensor head of the LDALI-MS2-BT can be tilted up to ±15° vertically
  • Flat lens in LDALI-MS4-BT type
  • Firmware update via DALI


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