LDALI-PWR4-U_ Power supply up to 4 lines

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L-DALI: Power Supply up to 4 lines. Certified DALI 2.0

The DALI-2 power supplies LDALI-PWR2-U and LDALI-PWR4-U are used to power two or four DALI channels. Per channel, the power supplies provide a guaranteed supply current of 116 mA to power devices connected to the DALI channel.

In case the DALI devices connected to the channel consume more than the 116 mA, two DALI outputs of the power supplies can be used in parallel, resulting in a guaranteed supply current of 232 mA (maximum supply current of 250 mA).


The DALI channel is treated to be non-SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage). Therefore the relevant installation regulations for low voltage apply. The cable of a DALI channel is either limited to a maximum length of 300 m using a minimum wire cross-section of 1.5 mm² (AWG15) or must ensure a maximal voltage drop of 2 V.

Wide Range Supply Voltage

The power supplies accept a wide range of supply voltage from 85-240 V AC, 50/‌60 Hz. They also feature a starting-current limitation.

DALI Power Outputs

The DALI power outputs provide 18 V (11 V – 20.5 V) and 116 mA. The power outputs are isolated from mains by basic isolation. The power outputs are short circuit proof and shut down if thermally overloaded. When a thermal overload occurs, the DALI control lamp switches off.

The LDALI-PWR2-U and LDALI-PWR4-U are DALI-2 certified.



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