RESI-DALI-SIO Serial gateway DALI-MODBUS/RTU slave

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RESI-DALI-SIO: Serial gateway DALI-MODBUS/RTU slave, supports DALI 1.0, DALI 2.0, DALI DT6, DALI DT8

Consists of a serial gateway to the DALI bus, the DALI standards DALI 1.0, DALI 2.0, DALI DT6, DALI DT8 are supported, the module is a DALI master that can send and receive all common DALI frames, host communication via RS232 or RS485 with MODBUS/RTU slave or ASCII text protocol, host baud rates: 300-256000Bd, none, even or odd parity, 8 data bits, 1 or 2 stop bits, DALI and Modbus are galvanically separated, configuration and testing of the module via our free LIBRE OFFICE (R ) based configurator software or via our free PC software MODBUSConfigurator


  • Size (LxBxH):17.5x90x58mm
  • Weight:50g
  • Power supply:12-48V=
  • Power consumption:1.0W
  • Housing:1MU
  • Mounting:mountable on 35mm EN50022 DIN rail
  • Terminals:Cable cross section: max. 2.5 mm², max. 14AWG Screw: M3 Tightening torque: max. 0.5Nm, max. 4.5 Lb-in
  • Certificate:CE
  • Protection class:IP20
  • TARIC number:8538 90 91
  • Support of the DALI 2.0 standard
  • Control of DALI device type 8 dimmers for RGB, cold white-warm white or RGBW LED stripes
  • Sending and receiving of DALI 2.0 telegrams (24 bit)
  • Sending and receiving of eDALI telegrams (25 bit)
  • Improved configuration software MODBUSConverter for easier installation and commissioning of a DALI lighting network


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