ECAT-1000 Multiprotocol EtherCAT Gateway

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ECAT-1000: EtherCAT configurable multiprotocol Gateway for the integration of different systems in your project.

ECAT-1000: EtherCAT multiprotocol gateway configurable and highly flexible!
Conversion between EtherCAT protocol and different Industrial Ethernet protocols and Fieldbus RS-485 networks (Modbus, BACnet, EtherNet/IP (CIP), Profinet, Metasys N2, ecc.)


The Ethernet ECAT-1000 gateway allows information to be transferred between Ethernet networks or from Ethernet networks to RS-485 networks with minimum setup. The ECAT-1000 can act both as an Ethernet converter and as an RS-485 serial converter. All Fieldbus Ethernet and RS-485 protocols are included.

The ECAT-1000 integrates two Ethernet ports compliant with the IEEE 802.3 10/100BaseT standards and one RS-485 port (4-wire terminal block style). 
The CAT5 Ethernet standard port accepts type connector 8 poles twisted pair unshielded (UTP) and supports multiple protocols simultaneously.
 The RS-485 port supports different protocols.

The ECAT-1000 handles up to twenty alarms individually configurable. Is possible to configure an action at the occurrence of a network timeout to allow each protocol to set your own address database in the condition of "fail-safe" in the event of a network interruption.
The embedded web server provides the remote configuration, as well as a dashboard composed of a variety of indicators, measuring instruments and graphs that can be configured to provide a graphical overview of the variables of critical applications in real time. Are available a total of ten indicators.

The ECAT-1000 is a memebr of the family of ICC Millennium Series Gateway products.
This family has been designed to provide a uniform interface to give the user a familiarity during configuration and runtime.

The ECAT-1000 acts as a protocol/translator converter to allow the exchange of complex data and allows you to create a bridge between networks otherwise incompatible. If correctly configured, the gateway will be essentially "transparent" on the networks, and the various network devices can engage in dialog boxes seamlessly between them.




Examples of the most commonly used protocol conversions
  • EtherCAT to Modbus Gateway
  • EtherCAT to BACnet IP Gateway
  • EtherCAT to BACnet MS/TP Gateway
  • EtherCAT to Metasys N2 Gateway
  • DMX-512 to EtherCAT Gateway
  • and others...
Connections 1x USB port for the configuration
2x Ethernet ports
1x RS485 port (4 wire)
Power supply
  • via USB connection
  • via 7-24VDC feeder, by clamps
  • via POE (Power Over Ethernet)

Through software for Windows XP or superiors
Through WEB interface

Supported protocols

Toshiba ASD Master, BACnet MS/TP Server, BACnet MS/TP Client, Modbus RTU Sniffer, Modbus RTU Slave, Modbus RTU Master, EtherCAT Slave, A. O. Smith PDNP, DMX-512 Slave, A. O. Smith AIN, DMX-512 Master, M-Bus Master, TCS Basys Master, Siemens FLN Slave, Sullair Supervisor Master, Metasys N2 Slave, Metasys N2 Master

The package includes: Gateway ECAT-1000, USB cable, CD containing drivers and manual

For more informations visit the PAGE WIKI


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