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ProtoNode: the best solution for flexibility and versatility on the market today. Mode support virtual nodes that allow you to connect multiple controllers to a single OEM ProtoNode that will be seen as separate controllers.

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ProtoNode devices have been studied for everyone who need to coexist their legacy devices with other protocols.

ProtoNode devices are the best solution for flexibility and versatility available today on the market. They support virtual nodes mode that allows to connect more OEM controller to a single ProtoNode that will be seen as separate controllers.

The configuration of Protonode devices are made by filling a file in CSV form and uploading it from web interface on the device.
No software to install on the PC because from the web interface you can make any operation: from the configuration loading, to the firmware update, from the communication debug of protocols either client side or server side, to the interrogation of the memory areas of support inside the gateway.

The ProtoNode packet includes all the hardware and the software necessary to interface your product in the various networks with different protocols. On every ProtoNode can be installated more drivers at the same time.

There are different versions of the gateway depending on the interfaces required for the communication:

  • PRT-ND-RER: presents two RS-485 serial ports for the communication with different protocols, one ethernet port for the configuration, the debug and the use with one or more protocols.
  • PRT-ND-LER: presents one RS-485 serial port for the communication with various protocols, one Lonworks TP/FT-10 port for the interfacing with Lonworks bus, one ethernet port for the configuration, the debug and the use with one or more protocols.
  • PRT-ND-KNX: available in two versions with one RS-485 serial port or with Lonworks port, presents one KNX port on which is possible configure it as transparent node in the network, one ethernet port for the configuration, the debug and the use with one or more protocols.
  • PRT-ND-MBUS: new Protocessor product, presents one Meterbus port, one RS-485 serial port for the communication with various protocols and one ethernet port for the configuration, the debug and the use with one or more protocolsOnly in its kind the ability to configure this gateway as a Meterbus master, with support up to 60 slaves, or as Meterbus slave. In this second case is possible to configure to bring on Meterbus bus a device of any tipe: Modbus RTU or TCP, BACnet IP or MSTP, ...

All Protonode devices support the following protocols:

  • LonWorks (only LER)
  • BACnet IP
  • BACnet MSTP
  • Metasys N2 Multi-protocol Device Server
  • Konnex (only version KNX)
  • Meterbus (only version MBUS)

For more information visit the section dedicated to ProtoCessor products


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