KNX BAOS Module 838 kBerry

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KNX BAOS Module 838 kBerry: solution for KNX connectivity on a compact circuit board

The Weinzierl KNX BAOS Modules are a powerful solution for KNX connectivity on a compact circuit board at low costs. They are targeted at manufacturers who want to integrate existing or new products into the KNX system as full compliant devices with complete support of the ETS software.
The KNX BAOS Module 838 kBerry is an adaptation of the proven KNX BAOS modules specifically made for the Raspberry Pi. It can be attached directly to the pins of the Raspberry Pi and communicates via a serial port galvanically isolated. The module includes a certified KNX stack and can be configured with the ETS. A generic ETS database provides up to 1,000 data points. Individual ETS entries can be created with the KNX Manufacturer Tool (KNX MT).
The KNX part of the kBerry Module is supplied by the bus voltage. To implement your software for the BAOS object server the BAOS SDK is available as a free download. For using the kBerry as telegram interface the kDrive-Express SDK can be used. For the kDrive-Express a free version is available, too.

Customer Benefits

Low investments
Optimal price-performance ratio
Shorter development time
For modular device concept
Simple baseboard design
Free demo software available

Integrated Object Server

The benefit of the Object Server in the KNX BAOS Modules is the logical decoupling of the application from the KNX communication. The application can access the values of the communication objects without any knowledge of KNX telegram formats or KNX addresses used in the current installation. The KNX BAOS Module 838 kBerry offers up to 1000 data points.
The module autonomously generates and sends group telegrams. Received group telegrams will be interpreted in the module and the values will be stored in the addressed communication objects. The complete download of ETS is handled within the module.





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