KNX ENO 626 secure – KNX gateway to EnOcean 8-fold

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KNX ENO 626 secure – KNX gateway to EnOcean 8-fold

Bidirectional, compact gateway between EnOcean and the KNX bus. The device supports encrypted radio communication with EnOcean Secure devices. Over 100 device profiles (EEP EnOcean Equipment Profiles) enable simple and secure connection of various EnOcean sensors and actuators to KNX installations.

The KNX ENO 626 secure device serves as a bidirectional gateway between EnOcean wireless devices and the KNX bus. With this device, commands and measured values from EnOcean wireless sensors can be transmitted to the KNX bus, for example to control KNX actuators. EnOcean wireless actuators can also be controlled via KNX. The KNX ENO 626 secure from Weinzierl supports the encrypted radio communication with security-enabled EnOcean devices.

In addition, the gateway provides logic and control functions and includes a wireless repeater. The KNX ENO 626 secure now supports more than 100 profiles with its 8 radio channels, allowing the easy and secure connection of even more different EnOcean sensors and actuators KNX installations.


As the first KNX gateway in the market, the new KNX ENO 626 secure supports the encrypted radio communication with EnOcean devices. Commissioning is as simple as usual: with all 8 channels encryption can be activated individually. Subsequently EnOcean sensors and actuators, which support security, can be taught as before. The user gets more security without loss of comfort.

Broad variety of functions in a small case

The KNX ENO 626 secure has 8 channels, which can be used with one of the following functions from over 100 profiles.

Mounting and connection

The mounting can be done in a 68 mm flush-mounted box. The power supply of the device is realized via the bus.

Repeater function

The repeater function is used for extend distances between sensors and actuators. The KNX ENO 626 is a so-called level-1 radio repeater.

Configuration: KNX ENO Tool

The KNX ENO Tool software can be used to configure the Links between various EnOcean-Sensors and the KNX/EIB EnOcean-Gateway KNX ENO 626/630/632/6347636. The device configuration of the Gateway can be read, modified, exported and saved back to either the same or another Gateway. EnOcean Bus Monitor showing the EnOcean Telegrams send over the KNX Bus.

Technical Specifications

  • 8 channels for sensors, actuators or logic + 8 channels for logic only
  • Integrated logic and control functions
  • Support of EnOcean Security
  • Support for over 100 profiles (EEP)
  • Connections: KNX, internal antenna
  • Compact flush-mounted housing
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 48 x 40 x 18 mm


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