KNX IO 520 (1J2I) blind control

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KNX IO 520 (1J2I) blind control

The KNX IO 520 (1J2I) is a compact blind actuator with two additional binary inputs. The actuator is used to control a blind, a shutter or a window drive. The relay contacts are electrically interlocked. The inputs can be connected to conventional switches with an external voltage of 12 to 230 V. In the not configured state the binary inputs control the actuator channel. Via commissioning the device using ETS® software the binary inputs can be used independently.

Two push buttons and three LEDs allow a local operation and a visualization of the device state. In addition to the output and input channels the device includes 16 independent functions for logic or timer control.

Technical Features

  • 1 shutter output, 230 V∿, 8 A
  • Drive directions electro-mechanically locked against each other
  • For blinds, shutters or window drives
  • Approach position via time calculation
  • 2 inputs 12..230 V⎓∿, galvanically isolated
  • Switching, dimming, shutters, scenes, pulse counter
  • Integrated logic and timer functions
  • Connections: KNX, plugable screw terminals for IO
  • For DIN rail, width 1 unit (18 mm)


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