KNX SERIAL 870 Serial interface to KNX

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KNX SERIAL 870 Serial interface to KNX

The KNX Serial 870 serves as a simple integration solution for non-KNX devices. As an RS-232 interface, the KNX Serial 870 uses the proven FT1.2 protocol (PEI 10) as telegram format. In addition, the device supports the BAOS protocol for accessing data points. Thus, the interface is suitable to fully integrate non-KNX devices into a KNX network. For a quick start a demo tool as well as an ETS entry with 250 group objects are available. Individual ETS representations for OEM versions can of course be created.

For more and more devices, for example in the field of multimedia or security technology, the exchange of control information with the building automation is important. For certain devices, however, it is advantageous not to access the bus (TP) directly. Instead, a connection to KNX can also be realized via RS-232.

The compilation or interpretation of KNX telegrams, as well as working with group addresses, is taken over by the KNX/RS-232 interface. In this case, the KNX/RS-232 interface takes on the role of a KNX terminal device. This means that the KNX communication software in the device also manages the data points, so that the device can assign received telegrams to the corresponding communication objects. Likewise, the device can generate and send group telegrams independently. The configuration of the data points is done with the help of the ETS (Engineering Tool Software). In the ETS, the interface appears like a conventional bus subscriber. the data types of the communication objects are set via the parameter dialog. Subsequently, the group addresses can be assigned as usual.

A client can access the data points via RS-232 without having to know the syntax of KNX telegrams. A client addresses a data point via its number. If later group addresses are changed in the KNX network, the interface can be easily updated by an ETS download. It is not necessary to change the configuration of the client.

The interface supports up to 250 communication objects and has a separate memory location for each. The values of the communication objects are automatically updated when received, even if no client is connected. This allows a client to read the process image from the interface without loss of time when starting or waking up, without loading the KNX bus.

Technical Specifications

  • Housing: plastic
  • in-line installation, installation width 1 TE
  • Weight: approx. 45 g
  • Learn button for KNX
  • Learn LED (red)
  • Indicator LED (green) for KNX
  • The device is supplied by the connected KNX bus
  • Current consumption: approx. 10 mA
  • KNX connection terminal
  • RS-232: SUB-D socket, 9 pole
  • Cable length max. 5 m


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