REG-KNX: System Interface with KNX domotic BMS

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REG-KNX: Setecna System Interface with KNX domotic BMS


The supervision interface REG-KNX is set up for mounting in an electrical panel, on a standard DIn rail (4 modules). The supervisory system to which the interface is connected must have KNX protocol. The interface provides up to 250 datapoints that can be configured to access many of the status and parameters of the Reg system. The connection part to the KNX bus is implemented through a certified communication module.
All connections are made using removable terminals. The module is equipped with LEDs for status indication:

Led1 = communication via KNX protocol with the home automation supervisory system
Led2 = Communication with the Reg system via a proprietary protocol


  • Installation Din Standard guide
  • Din bar Modules 4
  • storage and usage humidity 10....90% HR
  • Maximum consumption 100 mA
  • Weight 180g
  • Power supply 12-14 Vdc
  • Dimensions 70 x 90 x 59 mm
  • Protection class IP IP00
  • Storage temperature -40 .... +85 °C
  • Fire Resistance Class A
  • Temperature of use -20 .... +55 °C
  • Protocol KNX


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