Siemens Konnex IP Router

SKU: 5WG1-146-1AB02
GTIN: 4001869378541
MPN: 5WG1-146-1AB02
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5WG1-146-1AB02: Siemens Router for connection via Konnex IP

The IP router connects KNX lines via data networks using the internet protocol (IP) and the KNXnet/IP standard. At the same time, this device enables bus access from a PC or other data processing devices.


  • For interconnection of bus lines or bus areas over a fast data network (Ethernet 10BaseT) with Internet Protocol (IP)
  • Can be used as line, area or network gateway (worlds gateway)
  • For communication between KNX devices and PCs and in conjunction with a LAN modem or DSL router for remote access to a KNX installation
  • For use as an interface for the ETS3 and to a visualization unit
  • Uses the KNXnet/IP protocol
  • Up to 4 KNXnet/IP tunneling connections for parallel bus access of the ETS and additional PC software
  • ObjectServer connection to the visualization unit through network connections with long signal runtimes
  • Automatic assignment of additional physical addresses for KNXnet/IP tunneling





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