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CLOUD COOLAUTOMATION:Intelligent management solutions for VRF HVAC systems

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Our cloud solutions offer a wide range of functionality, from basic remote control of HVAC units to advanced remote management of complex sites with multiple VRF systems. Choose the application package that best suits your needs.

Compatible Drives

The Cloud is compatible with CoolMaster and CoolMasterPro units. In case you do not need local integration to BMS or Home Automation, you can use the CloudBox unit, which is exclusively dedicated to connecting systems to the Cloud.

HVAC Opertions package

HVAC Operations gives you full control of your HVAC situation across any number of systems, brands and sites. Control energy efficiency and optimise for regulatory compliance.

Leveraging innovative machine learning tools, you can prevent excessive energy consumption, detect performance failures, apply operating modes, receive alerts and more. Add external sensors and apply automatic logic to building areas based on sensor readings, weather and system status.

Predictive and remote diagnostics packages

Remotely detect HVAC system faults when they are minor or even before they occur and prevent system downtime. By receiving push notifications about faults that are about to occur, you can fix any system problems before they occur, thus preventing them from turning into system failures.

 Keep your customers' HVAC system at peak performance by setting up a set of fault rules constantly monitored by the HVAC predictive maintenance solution. HVAC predictive maintenance allows you to optimise maintenance visits by providing an extra layer of insurance for the time between scheduled maintenance visits.



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