HYDROCLIMA-2 Heat cost allocator with 2 temperature sensors

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HYDROCLIMA-2:Heat cost allocator with 2 temperature sensors

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Heat cost allocator with 2 temperature sensors, recording of the ambient temperature, possibility of transmitting the collected data by radio using the protocol Wireless M-BUS EN13757-4, availability of statistics on the temperatures detected, historical consumption and average temperatures detected up to 24 previous months, battery life 10 years, compliant with EN834, supplied with mounting brackets for all types of radiators.

Approved according to the EN834 standard

Technical Features

  • HYDROCLIMA-RFM 2 sensors, in accordance with EN834, EN60950-1, RED, EMC
  • Display LCD, 6 character with dots and symbols
  • Dimensions 103 x 40 x 27 mm
  • Max battery life 10 years
  • Calculation starting temperature 22,5°C Δt 3 K, 38°C (optional, summer mode)
  • Data reading mode RFM - M-BUS EN13757-4 radio wireless, visual
  • Operating temperature from 35°C to 103°C (to 130°C with remote sensor)
  • Centralized heating system types double/single pipe
  • Radiator maximum power 12500 W
  • Temperature measurement uncertainty 1%
  • Tampering alarm yes, with date log
  • Data Transmission radio, Wireless M-BUS
  • Configuration parameters radio transmission parameters, dates of the beginning and end of the billing period, date of start counting off period, summer period, montly or 2-week indication history



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