LIOB-554 I/O Modules BACnet/IP

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LIOB-554 7 UI, 4 AO, 7 DO (5 x Relay 6 A, 2 x Triac 0.5 A), 1 Pressure Sensor

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LIOB-55X I/O Modules BACnet/IP

The LIOB-55x Modules communicate over Ethernet/IP in the BACnet/IP network. They adhere to the BACnet Building Controller Profile (B-BC) and either expose their I/O data points through BACnet server objects or actively fetch them from a BACnet server via BACnet client maps.
According to the B-BC profile, the LIOB-55x Modules support BACnet alarming, scheduling, and trending. They are BTL tested and WSPcert certified.
BACnet/IP over Ethernet

The LIOB-55x I/O Modules are equipped with two Ethernet ports including a built-in Ethernet switch. This allows for building a daisy chained line topology of up to 20 devices, which reduces costs for network installation. Dual Ethernet port devices also allow the setup of a redundant Ethernet installation (ring topology), which increases reliability. The redundant Ethernet topology is enabled by the Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP), which is supported by most managed switches.
The LIOB-55x Modules are equipped with a Web interface to query the device status and display or change each data point of the module. In addition to the BACnet object interface, the I/O data points are exposed by the OPC XML-DA server of the modules. The local display can be accessed via VNC.


The LIOB-55x Modules can be switched to LIOB-IP mode using manual local operation. In LIOB-IP mode, the LIOB-55x Modules extend L-INX Automation Servers, LIOB-BIP I/O Controllers, and L-ROC Room Controllers with physical inputs and outputs via plug and play.

Local Operation and Override

All L-IOB I/O Modules are equipped with an LCD display (128x64) with backlight and jog dial for manual local operation. Device and data point information is displayed in text form and via graphical symbols.

General Specifications

Dimensions (mm) 107 x 100 x 75 (L x W x H)
Operating conditions 0 °C to 50 °C, 10 – 90 % RH, non condensing, degree of protection: IP40, IP20 (terminals)
Power supply 
24 VDC / 24 VAC ±10 % via L‑INX, L‑ROC, or L‑POW, or with LIOB‑Connect, or via connecting of an
external power supply to the upper left terminal
2 x Ethernet (100Base-T)
- BACnet/IP
Specifications LIOB‑BIP I/O Module (LIOB‑55x)
Types LIOB‑550 LIOB‑551 LIOB‑552 LIOB‑553 LIOB-554
Power consumption 
4.5 W (all Relays on)
4.5 W 
4.5 W (all Relays on)
4.5 W (all Relays on)
4.5 W (all Relays on
Universal Input (UI) 8 8 6 6 7
Digital Input (DI) 2 12 - - 
Analog Output (AO) 2 - 6 6 4
Digital Output (DO) 8 (4 x Relay 6 A, 4 x Triac 0.5 A) - 8 (8 x Relay 6 A) 
5 (4 x Relay 16 A,
1 x Relay 6 A)
7 (5 x Relay 6 A, 2 x Triac 0.5 A)
Digital Output specification Please refer to the “General Input and Output Specification of LOYTEC devices” for more details.

Differential Pressure Sensor - - - - 0–500 Pa
Resource limits
OPC XML‑DA data points 100 BACnet notification classes 32
BACnet objects 
1 per I/O
Trend logs (BACnet or generic) 10 (130 000 entries, ≈ 2 MB)
BACnet client mappings 20 Total trended data points 10
BACnet calendar objectsv 10 Alarm logs 5
BACnet scheduler objects
5 Connections (Local/Global) 200/100

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