LWEB-900 Integrated Building Management System

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Building management software LWEB-900 provides a user interface to manage and operate a LOYTEC building management system. LWEB-900 is a highly flexible and scalable solution which accompanies you from installation and configuration of LOYTEC devices (L-INX Automation Servers, L-IOB I/O Modules and Controllers with IP connectivity, L-ROC Room Controllers, L-GATE Gateways, L-VIS Touch Panels), all the way to daily operation of the facilities. Thus, a common user interface for the building automation system is available at all phases of the project.

LWEB-900 uses a client-server architecture consisting of the LWEB-900 Server and one or multiple LWEB-900 Clients. The LWEB-900 Server manages and stores system and operating parameters, historic data, access rights, and device configurations in an SQL data base. It exchanges real time data with distributed autonomous LOYTEC devices via web services independently of the underlying field bus technology (CEA-709, BACnet, DALI, M-Bus, Modbus, KNX, etc.).

The LWEB-900 Client is the user interface of the building management system. The client can be installed on the same PC as the server or on a remote PC. The use of web services to communicate between clients and server ensures that remote access is easily possible across firewalls and NAT routers. In this way, Intranet and Internet can be used to build distributed building automation systems. In addition, differences between the various field bus technologies are compensated and the user is presented with a consolidated view of the separate communication systems.

To check the status of the buildings technical equipment, there is no need to install the LWEB-900 Client. If you have an IP connection to the LWEB-900 Server, you can use a standard web browser to operate and monitor the building automation system. It makes no difference, whether a smart phone, tablet, or PC is used.


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