LKM111: Series MODBUS RTU to IEC62056-21 Meter Gateway

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LKM111: Gateway for MODBUS RTU series meters to IEC62056-21 (RS232 MODBUS side, RS232 meter side)

The LKM series Modbus RTU to IEC62056-21 gateways are designed for use with electricity meters that communicate according to the IEC62056-21 standard. Meters that support the IEC62056-21 standard have readout tables that contain various data such as import energy, export energy, phase voltages and currents. The Modbus RTU gateway to IEC62056-21 of the LKM series automatically reads these values and maps them into Modbus registers. Field devices or software systems can easily read the data via the Modbus RTU protocol, so that energy meter readings can be easily integrated into field automation systems without the need to implement the IEC6056-21 protocol.

Technical features

  • 2-wire RS485 connection on the modem side and Rx-Tx-GND RS232 connections on the meter side.
  • Automatic reading of electricity meters communicating according to IEC62056-21 standard and mapped in a predefined MODBUS register table.
  • Modbus address configurable via Modbus commands
  • IEC6056-21 configurable reading period via Modbus commands
  • Reading table number configurable on IEC6056-21 side via Modbus commands
  • Wide range power supply input: 5V - 24V DC
  • Wide operating temperature range from -40 to 85 °C
  • Very small form factor, only 2.1 x 4.2 x 4.4 cm
  • Customisation of reading process and register tables according to customer requirements
  • Firmware upgradeable via serial line


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