ECHELON LPR-14 - 42104: Router, repeater LON

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ECHELON LPR-14 - 42104:Router for TP/XF-78, and TP/XF-1250 LONWORKS® (ANSI/CEA-709.1) channels

ECHELON LPR-14 - 42104:Router for TP/XF-78, and TP/XF-1250 LONWORKS® (ANSI/CEA-709.1) channels

The LonPoint Modules are products designed to integrate new and legacy sensors and actuators, as well as LONMARK® devices, into cost-effective, interoperable, control systems for building and industrial applications. In contrast to traditional control networks, which use closed islands of control linked with proprietary gateways, the LonPoint Modules offer an open distributed system architecture in which every device performs some control processing and can be accessed from any location in the network. Distributing the processing throughout the network and providing open access to every device lowers the overall installation and life cycle costs, increases reliability by minimizing single points of failure, and provides the flexibility to adapt the system to a wide variety of applications. The system consists of the LonPoint Interface, Scheduler, Data Logger, Router Modules, LonPoint Application Programs, LNS® based LonMaker® Integration Tool, LonPoint Plug-In and LNS DDE Server. The LPR Router Modules may be used with a LonPoint System or as part of any LONWORKS network.



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