LON USB card for XWORKS and DTS

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LON USB card: 1 TP/FT 10 bus channel comprehensive of driver for Windows systems. Usable for the PX programmation with XWORKS and DTS software

LON USB card usable in  Simens XWORKS and DTS envinronment for the programmation of PX controller

Version P.V10306

The Easylon USB Interface+ is a handy sized USB module compliant to ISO/IEC 14908-2, which connects a PC via USB to LonWorks control networks. As an Easylon Interface+ product it features several advantages. Simultaneous network access by up to eight PC applications is a major benefit. Both LNS and MIP based programs can be used. The Easylon USB Interface+ is compatible with other VNIs of other manufacturers and replaces traditional control network interfaces without modification of the applications. Furthermore this Easylon Interface is best suited for usage in virtual machines, e.g. VMware workstation. Easylon interfaces+ are the preferred network adapters for the Easylon Analyzer in order to run a thorough network analysis.As flexible solution this adapteris suitable for both desktop PC and laptop.Being small, handy sized and without additional power pack it represents a flexible network access solution.If the Easylon USB Interface is used in permanet installations, a special bracket is available. It can be used for DIN-rail mounting as well as for wall mounting.


  • Real multi-client capability on 8 channels
  •  Full compatible VNI
  • Parallel transactions in MIP mode
  • Supports usage in virtual machines
  • TP/FT
  • RJ45 and plug-screw connector


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