Bluetooth Optical Probe Smart Wireless Auto Protocol Detection

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KMK118 Bluetooth Optical Probe Smart Wireless Auto Protocol Detection

REDZ KMK118 optical probe is designed in IEC 62056-21 standard and it is compatible with all brands and types of IEC meters. The probe has wireless Bluetooth connection thus it can easily be used with any Android or Windows based device with Bluetooth connection support. This is a smart Bluetooth optical probe that can detect IEC62056-21 or DLMS / COSEM protocol and makes baud changeovers automatically. Thus it is possible to use with software that works with existing cable versions
of probes and there will be no additional need for integration. It also supports different operating modes such as command mode and firmware can be changed easily over Bluetooth.


  • Standard: IEC 62056-21 (former IEC 1107)
  • Data Communication Speed: Max 38400 baud
  • Operating Voltage: 3,3 V (Rechargeable battery powered through micro USB)
  • Wavelength: ~ 900 nm
  • Receiver Sensitivity: Programmatically changeable on Command Mode
  • Diameter: 32 mm
  • Width: ~ 40 mm
  • Height: ~ 55 mm
  • Depth: ~ 21 mm
  • Magnetic Force: N38
  • Body and Back Cover Material: ABS
  • Transparent Parts: Transparent Poly Carbonate
  • Weight: ~ 70 gr



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