SIN.EQLC1 Level Converter M-bus 60 slave

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SIN.EQLC1:Level Converter M-Bus 60 slave

The EQUOBOX SIN.EQLC1 M-Bus level converter allows interfacing to a network of devices compliant with the M-Bus standard (EN13757 -2 Physical Layer) up to a
maximum of 60 slaves (M-Bus loads).
It is designed to be used with EQUOBOX TOOLKIT (SIN.EQSW1) software, in combination with the SIN.EQRTU1 datalogger, or as M-Bus repeater.
Typically is used with SIN.EQRTU4, SIN.EQRTU1T/X or SIN.EQRTUEVO1T.


  • Master function for M-Bus cable networks, with modularity to 60 physical devices
  • Stand-alone operating mode combined with SW EQUOBOX TOOLKIT for data consultation coming from meters
  • Operating slave mode for M-Bus / Wireless M-Bus RTU and CPU
  • Expandable without limitation via twin modules serial connection
  • No local memory
  • 24Vdc +/- 10% power supply (Rev. HW 1.0 or if not specified)
  • 24Vdc +/- 10%, 24Vac (min 20Vac, max 40Vac) power supply for HW 2.0 versions
  • Scan with PC through USB cable and EQUOBOX TOOLKIT software to export data in .csv, .xls


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