M-Bus level converter and repeater for 250 devices

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PW 250: M-Bus level converter and repeater for 250 devices

M-Bus level converter and repeater for 250 slaves

USB, Ethernet, 2x RS232C, RS485

Repeater for M-Bus extension for 250 slaves or cable network

Intelligent interface management

Integrated 110 .. 240 VAC power supply



Replacing the Digital Master series the PW250 starts a new era of the M-Bus level converters.
It combines the familiar and well-proven M-Bus qualities of the DR series with the advantages of multiple and current interfaces, intelligent interfaces Management and a repeater function.

The PW250 is a transparent level converter for 250 M-Bus slaves. With two RS232C, RS485, a USB and a network interface, it offers a matching connector for almost every purpose.
A real feature in connection with this large number of interfaces, is their intelligent management, which allows you to connect multiple external controllers simultaneously, and controls access without collision.
Besides its function as an M-Bus level converter, the PW250 can also be used as a repeater to extend an M-Bus network by 250 meters or the cable network.
The new standard of comfort for M-Bus level converters is completed by the integrated flexible power supply (110 .. 250VAC) and a housing, that is mountable on wall and on the DIN-rail.

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