M-Bus PW3 / PW20 / PW60 / PW100 Converter


Converter M-Bus Relay PW3/20/60/100 for 3/20/60/100 devices and optical interface port RS232C/RS485

Select desired meters number

PW3: M-Bus Master Interface for connecting up to 3 devices
PW20: M-Bus Master Interface to connect up to 20 devices
PW60: M-Bus Master Interface for connecting up to 60 devices
PW100: M-Bus Master Interface for connecting up to 100 devices

The PW3/20/60/100 are signal converters for writing and reading from remote slave devices on Meterbus.
It has an RS232 or RS485 interface and three departures lines Meterbus
It was designed to be very resistant to cortociruiti and very flexible in the range of power supply.

It has optical interface.

The device is recommended in conjunction with a freeware software for the recognition and configuration of devices Meterbus.
With this software you can do a scan of the existing M-bus network, listing the devices connected, change the address in Meterbus quickly and easily, without the need for expensive proprietary software.

Compatible with Siemens WZC-P60



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