Meterbus gateway (M-Bus) / ModbusRTU / ASCII up to 48 MBUS slaves

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Converter M-Bus DIN rail to convert up to 2, 8 24 or 48 Meterbus devices (M-Bus) to Modbus (Max 100 or 500 values​​). Automatic reading of configuration Meterbus devices

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Meterbus Gateway (M- Bus) - Modbus Slave up to 2, 8,24, 48, 64 devices

This gateway is able to bring the data of 2, 8,24 or 48 tools Meterbus (M- Bus) on a Modbus network .
It is available with RS232 and RS485 Modbus slave side and directly interface Meterbus on other port without the need for converters
It is directly mountable on a DIN rail . It has a feature that allows you to change M-bus address of the instrument .

Thanks to configuration software very powerful, is able to automatically detect the connected devices and scanning all the possible speed and addresses.
Unlike other devices that require the intervention of a technical expert for the configuration and mapping of variables Meterbus memory areas Modbus Gateway M-BUS RETURNS - Modbus does it all :

  • scans the network looking for devices Meterbus the set speed
  • automatically download the configuration from the devices identified
  • builds the Modbus memory mapping, indicating address and data type

Tested with the following devices and software are provided in the template configuration of communication:

  • Siemens: 2WR5, Sitrans FUE950, UH50
  • ABB: F2, DELTAplus DBM21000-112, EDTF2
  • Actaris/Allmes: Cyble M-bus, EVK3, Integral-MK MAXX, CF-ECHO II/CF-51/CF-55/CF-800
  • Danfoss: Infocal 5
  • Elster: Absolute Encoder Z6
  • Engelman: SensoStart
  • Hydrometer: Flypper MWZ II(combined o Simple), Sharky BR773
  • Ista: Sensonic II calculator T1
  • Kamstrup: Multical (Compact, III, 401, 601), 162, 382, 351 Combi, 10EVL, Mexical III
  • Metrima: F3, F4, MF4
  • Scrack: MG DIZ3x5B, MG DIZ3x5BZ
  • Sensus: Residia M, PolluStat E
  • Viterra: Sensonic(R)
  • Zenner: multidata S1
  • Brunata: HGQ/S
  • … and even more ...

For any instruments not listed in the list we provide the technical support necessary to create the template.



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