Relay PadPuls M2

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IM003G: Pulse counter with Meterbus protocol - Relay PadPuls M2

PadPuls M2L
Fast and easy integration of meters with pulse output in your Meterbus network. PadPuls M2 counts pulses from the meter (energy, water, gas, ...) with dry contact output.

 PadPuls M2 counts pulses from the meter with dry contact output. It supports two meters.
The data stored by this meter can be read at any time by the M-Bus system.
The configuration software allows you to configure the bus parameters, the pulse value, the unit of pulses and the initial count of the meter.
 All the parameters are adaptable freely to your own counter.

Easy assembly and installation, thanks to the included software, allow the installation directly on-site.


  • Powered by M-Bus, or by the integrated battery in the event of failure on Mbus, it is not necessary external power supply.
  • Fully functioning even if battery powered
  • Maximum pulse frequency: 20Hz
  • Debouncing of the pulses. Value and unit of the pulses settable
  • M-Bus protocol according to the EN1434-3 specification
  • Fully configurable by M-Bus, included the write protection
  • Wall mounting
  • Protection class: IP 54



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