RS232 DB9 FEMALE optical probe

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Optical probe for the read of energy meter, IEC 62056-21 protocol (former IEC 1107) - For M-Bus, DLMS - DB9 FEMALE connector

Optical probe for the read of energy meters equipped with an optical probe compliant with IEC 62056-21 specifications (former IEC 1107).

BSC111 probes allow to access to the data present in the energy meter that integrates an optical probe.
 The data present hier can be read through M-Bus (Meterbus) or DLMS protocol.

 Main features
Optical probes are ideal for the use with all types of meters. An economic solution for the local reading of the meters. Optical probes have 2 LED on the back side that show the operating conditions of the communication. Very simple to use and to monitor communication status.

Mechanical Specifications
  • Diameter: 32mm, height: 41 mm, magnetic power: N35
  • Body material: Polyamide reinforced with glass fiber
  • Transparent material: Lexan, Weight: 99gr
Electrical Specifications
  • Standards: IEC 62056-21 (ex IEC 1107)
  • Cable lenght: 3m optional
  • Communication speed: max 19200 baud
  • Functioning voltage: 5V (Passive, supplied by USB)
  • Electric Interface: USB2.0 / RS232, wavelenght: 900nm


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