SIN.EQRTU1 System for acquiring and storing data from M-Bus meters

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SIN.EQRTU1 RTU M-Bus: MBUS datalogger for up to 250 counters using SIN.EQLC1

Acquisition and historicization system of the data coming from the M-Bus meters.
Through web interface it allows the reading of the meters, the report generation, the setup and the consultation of the reading history.
Integrated display for setup and data reading.
For connection to the bus it is necessary to use the level converter SIN.EQLC1 / SIN.EQLC250 (not included).
Supports up to 250 counters through the use of SIN.EQLC1 and/or SIN.EQLC250. Power supply 24V AC/DC.


  • Master function for M-Bus cable networks
  • Expandable up to 250 devices by adding level converter modules in series (modularity 60/250 devices)
  • Local memory up to 2 years
  • Graphic display
  • 3 digital inputs and 2 relay outputs (5A)
  • Power supply 24Vdc/ac or Power Over Ethernet
  • Meter interrogation and data consultation through WEB interface
  • Possibility to download reports on acquired data in csv and xls format
  • E-mail notification of events generated by the digital inputs, by the status of the counters, by the exceeding of thresholds
  • On-board relay outputs activation from web interface, according to logic or in case of alarm
  • Remote control via LAN, ADSL or UMTS/GPRS router


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