SIN.EQRTUEVO2T datalogger for meters with M-Bus protocol cable and wireless connected via smart repeater

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SIN.EQRTUEVO2T datalogger for meters with M-Bus protocol cable and wireless connected via smart repeater

EQUOBOX RTUEVO2T is a datalogger for M-Bus and wM-Bus devices capable of handling up to 3000 matrices (2500 radio and 500 cable**). It interfaces directly with M-Bus protocol-compatible cable meters via two separate lines, one of which has a built-in M-Bus master for up to 20 physical devices**, and a second line on RS232 bus via an external level converter from the SIN.EQLCx family. There is also an 868MHz radio interface with mesh technology that establishes a multi-hop network between one or more SIN.EQRPT868XT repeaters with which data can be received from devices compatible with the wM-MBus / OMS standard (EN13757). The web interface allows data consultation, report generation, and setup of MBus and mesh radio networks. It has a graphical display for setup, real-time data consultation, and on-board I/O status without the need for a PC.

EASY TO USE The graphic display allows to make the commissioning of the metering system in a few steps. The main settings can be performed locally on the display or via WEB interface. REACHABILITY SERVICE - WEB ACCESS It integrates a cloud VPN service that ensures remote reachability of the web server or take advantage of the integrated REST API service without the need for additional user configuration of routers or modems. For cellular connections, the use of a SIM with public IP is not essential.

Power supply 24V AC/DC.



  • Wired M-Bus support on two separate communication lines
  • Supports 868 MHz M-Bus wireless multi-hop functionality via synapsitechâ„— smart repeater
  • Up to 2500 wireless and 500 wired devices
  • Color graphical display
  • 3 digital inputs, 2 relay outputs
  • Power supply 24V ac/dc
  • Interrogation counters / allocators / sensors and data consultation through WEB interface
  • Possibility to download reports on acquired data in csv and xls format
  • E-mail notification of events generated by the digital inputs and/or by the status of the meters
  • Remotely controllable via LAN, ADSL or UMTS/GPRS router
  • Compatibility with the highest standards of IT security through encrypted protocols (https, SSL use for transferring and sending data)
  • Accessibility of "0-configuration" web interface through SGHNET
  • Sinapsi Global Hub (SGH) IoT Platform Compliant


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