Wireless M-Bus to M-Bus gateway industrial version, external antenna

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RelAir R2M HOME: Wireless M-Bus to M-Bus gateway industrial version, iexternal antenna

 Wireless M-Bus to M-Bus gateway for more than 60 meters.
The RelAir R2M allows you to integrate up to 63 Wireless M-Bus meters into your existing M-Bus installation. For this purpose the OMS-compliant gateway stores the meterdata and answers a request by the M-Bus master with the last answer telegram. Because of the configurable whitelist it is of course possible to run several RelAir R2M in one M-Bus network. Due to the integrated mini USB interface the RelAir R2M can also be used as a full operational Wireless M-Bus Master. Our new gateway works without an external power supply and is either powerd from the M-Bus (5 unit loads) or via the USB interface.

Technical Specification

  • Wireless M-Bus according to EN 13757-4 Mode S, T und C
  • Frequency 868 MHz
  • OMS conform and compatible (Spec 4.X.X)
  • Optional encryption Mode 5 or 7, AES
  • Power supply via M-Bus (5 unit loads) or USB
  • Whitelist with up to 63 meters configurable
  • Configuration with free Software via M-Bus or USB
  • Exteral antenna SMA connector
  • housing Professional

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