FAST EnergyCam 2.0

MPN: EnergyCam 2.0
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FAST FORWARD EnergyCam 2.0: OCR reader for mechanical meters with conversion to MODBUS, METERBUS, OPENWIRE,...

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Device able to read mechanical meters for electricity, water, gas and to convert a data on a MODBUS, MBUS,wireless MBUS (ecc..) port.

The device has an automatic mechanism of signaling of OCR reading that allow an easy installation.

In the case of supply through battery, the battery life is 10 years.

Data reading happens every 15 minutes and the readed data will be associated with a time stamp.


On request is available sample implementations on Raspberry PI platform.


Ordinable as additional accessories: USB programming cable for the firmware loading, accessory for mounting for the reading of gas meters (6 cm).

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