Gateway Meterbus (M-Bus) / Ethernet + Modbus

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The M-Bus device 900 is a gateway / converter developed for remote reading of M-Bus meters with a maximum of 4 concurrent clients. It is also a Modbus slave to read values ​​from a PLC or local display.

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M-Bus 900 is a series of gateways / converters designed for remote reading of M-Bus devices over the LAN or Internet .
The M900 device accepts multiple concurrent connections and an integrated Ethernet Modbus TCP Server / Modbus RTU Slave .

The gateway M900 is designed to read in a transparent way all types of devices M-Bus standard Ethernet using TCP or UDP .
The gateway translates the electrical signals of M- Bus to Ethernet .
The M-Bus messages are read from standard software such as SCADA system , remote reading programs , configuration programs , databases, and so on.

A driver for the COM port redirection is included . It transforms the serial port of the M-Bus 900 in a virtual COM port on your computer.
This means that most of the M-Bus programs on the market can be used regardless of whether or not they have support for Ethernet network.
M-Bus 900 is available in six different versions: as a master of 5 , 20 or 60 simultaneous connections and accepts devices by 2 or 4 clients. This is because it is able to directly power the devices connected to M-Bus network .

There are four M-Bus terminals in parallel using the same physical interface.


  • Up to 4 concurrent clients
  • 2 x Ethernet 10/100 Mbit
  • TCP / IP and UDP / IP and Serial
  • Fixed or dynamically assigned IP address from the DHCP server
  • Configuration via web browser , operating system independent
  • Modbus TCP / RTU Slave
  • Configurable as M-Bus meter
  • Configuring password protected and encrypted SSL connection

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