GWY00 Gateway MPI - Modbus RTU Master

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GWY00: Gateway MPI - Modbus RTU Master

GWY00: GATEWAY MPI-MODUS RTU MASTER:carries in a simple way the data from Modbus slave stations to PLC S7 memory

The gateway is equpped with one MPI port (family planning port S7300 and S7400) and one RS232 or RS485 serial port.
Through a simple configuration software is possible to define the data exchange between devices over MODBUS network and memory of PLC S7 ( area MW, DB, E, A)
Size reduced, once programmed is able to execute reads and writes towards MODBUS network automatically.
On the MODBUS RTU network side can be configured to operate either as master or slave.
The gateway supports also the PPI protocol for the S7200 family.

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