Gateway POWER-ONE Modbus TCP/RTU

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GW-PWO: Gateway for the conversion from Aurora power-one Inverter to Modbus TCP /RTU



The Modbus power-one gateway allows data reading from POWERONE inverter and their conversion in MODBUS TCP protocol or RTU protocol, so directly readable by PLC,
panels or SCADA systems.

The connection between the gateway and solar inverter takes place through the RS485 port. The MODBUS protocol is available or on an Ethernet port or on a RS232 serial port

Two digital inputs allow to connect to the gateway also some probes for pulses count so is possible move in MODBUS also values of production counter.


 - 1 x RS485 serial port (power-one protocol)
 - 2 x RS232 serial ports (Modbus)
 - Galvanic isoltion
 - Baud settable from WEB
 - Ethernet Base T 1 0/1 00 Mbps MDIX



For more information visit the page WIKI 


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