L-STAT Room Operator Panel

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L-STAT Room Operator Panel

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The L-STAT is a network thermostat with a modern, minimalistic look that fits any interior design. It is directly connected to a LOYTEC controller with a Modbus interface such as LIOB-AIR or L-ROC.
Up to 16 L-STAT devices can be connected to one controller to offer control at different locations in- or outside even for the largest rooms. The L-STAT is equipped with a segmented LCD display featuring an RGB backlight with adjustable color, offering a neat way to make the L-STAT match the interior color concept of an office building. Eight capacitive touch buttons are used to cycle through sensor values, display parameters, and adjust setpoints. Up to four external buttons can be accessed and processed by the controller.
The L-STAT’s internal sensors measure temperature, humidity, dew point, occupancy, and CO2 level. Sensor values can be displayed in SI or US units. Additionally, the date and time as well as the current level of eco-friendliness in the form of green leafs are also displayed on the LCD display. Parameters controlled by the controller’s logic can be overridden on the L-STAT, such as for occupancy, air conditioning, and ventilation. A direct access mode is available to quickly adjust the most important setpoints e.g. for temperature and ventilation control.
A buzzer provides acoustic feedback for the touch buttons and can also be used to indicate alarms and error states. To prevent unauthorized modifications, two access levels (end user, system integrator) are used, which are secured via 4-digit pin codes. Device replacement, firmware upgrade, and L-STAT configuration are performed with very little effort through the controller. The L-STAT device is represented in the controller by a simple data point interface, which can be directly connected to the IEC 61131 or IEC 61499 logic application and offers all common functions for data points such as alarming, scheduling, trending, historic filters, math functions, etc.
Using an NFC tag, the L-STAT transmits the URL of the controller’s web interface to mobile devices for more extensive control and administrative tasks. Last but not least, the L-STAT comes with a built-in infrared receiver for comfortable remote control.


  • Type LSTAT-800-Gx-Lx LSTAT-801-Gx-Lx LSTAT-802-Gx-Lx
  • Dimensions (mm) 94.5 x 110 x 19.5 (W x H x D)
  • Installation  Onto a flush-mounted box
  • Power Supply 24 V DC ±10 %, max. 0.8 W,24 V DC ±10 %, max. 1.8 W
  • Operating conditions 0 °C to 50 °C, 10 – 90 % RH, non condensing, degree of protection: IP30
  • Display LCD display with backlight, and choice of RGB color
  • Interfaces, sensors
    1 x RS‑485 (ANSI TIA/EIA-485): Modbus RTU (Slave), adjustable bus speed 1 200 – 115 200 bit/s (typical 57 600 bit/s),
    configurable transmission mode (typical “8E1”, 1 start bit, 8 data bits, even parity, 1 stop bit)
    1 x NFC (Near Field Communication)
    1 x Buzzer
    1 x Internal temperature sensor
    1 x Internal relative humidity sensor
    3 x Digital Input for connection of standard switches and pushbuttons
    1 x Universal Input, configurable either for L-TEMP2 (NTC temperature sensor) or for connection of standard switches and pushbuttons
    1 x Infrared receiver
    1 x Occupancy sensor
    - -
    1 x CO2 sensor
    Buttons (capacitive touch)
    LSTAT-80x-Gx-L1: 4 x Button with temperature up/down, occupancy, and menu
    LSTAT-80x-Gx-L2: 6 x Button with temperature up/down, fan up/down, occupancy, and menu
    LSTAT-80x-Gx-L3: 8 x Button with temperature up/down, fan up/down, light on/off, occupancy, and menu
    LSTAT-80x-Gx-L4: 8 x Button with temperature up/down, sunblinds up/down, light on/off, occupancy, and menu
    LSTAT-80x-Gx-L5: 8 x Button with temperature up/down, fan up/down, sunblinds up/down, occupancy, and menu
    LSTAT-80x-Gx-L6: 8 x Button with temperature up/ down, fan up/down, sunblinds up/down, light, and menu
    For use with L-INX, LIOB‑AIR and L-ROC Controller, Modbus Master via Modbus RTU

    Specifications of the sensors
    Temperature measurement Sensor type: CMOS, range: -40 – 125 °C, resolution: 0.1 °C, accuracy: ±0.5 °C (5 – 60 °C)
    Relative Humidity (R.H.)
    Sensor type: capacitive humidity sensor, range: 0 % – 100 % R.H., resolution: 0.1 % R.H.,
    ±2 % R.H. @ 25 °C, 20 % – 80 % R.H.
    ±3 % R.H. @ 25 °C, 0 % – 20 % R.H. and 80 % – 100 % R.H., respectively
    Infrared occupancy detector, maximum detection range 5 m, 64 zones, opening angle horizontal: 94°, vertical: 82°, difference in temperature: target to environment: > 4 °C
    CO2 0 – 2 000 ppm, ±30 ppm or ±3 %
    Infrared receiver NEC protocol (Apple remote compatible)


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