LE-01MB Electricity consumption meter Meterbus

GTIN: 5908312599791
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LE-01MB Electricity consumption meter with Meterbus protocol

Single-phase, two-way, four-quadrant electrical energy measurement and network parameters, compliant with the MID directive, M-Bus communication interface.

LE-01MB is a static (electronic) calibrated electricity meter with single-phase alternating current in direct system. It is used for the indication and registration of the collected electricity and the parameters of the power supply network with the possibility of remote reading of indications via a wired M-Bus standard network. The meter configuration takes place via the configuration menu available from the front panel and through the communication port in accordance with the M-Bus programming function

Technical Specfication

  • 1-phase
  • two-way (4-quadrant)
  • 100 A direct measurement
  • kWh / kvar indication (downloaded / given)
  • indication of network parameters
  • compatibility with MID
  • M-Bus protocol
  • SO pulse output
  • backlit, multifunctional LCD display
  • password protection with password

Measured values

  • Active energy collected / delivered AE + / AE- [kWh]
  • Reactive energy collected / delivered RE + / RE- [kvarh]
  • Voltage voltages U1, U2, U3 [V]
  • Phase currents I1, I2, I3 [A]
  • Frequency F [Hz]
  • Active power P [W]
  • Reactive power Q [var]
  • Apparent power S [VA]
  • Power factor cosφ
  • Demand for power


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