LE-01MQ Bidirectional Electricity consumption meter

GTIN: 5908312599852
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LE-01MQ Bidirectional Electricity consumption meter with RS-485 port and Modbus RTU protocol

The meter measures and display the characteristics of single-phase two wires (1p2w) network. The bi-directional measurements make the meter suitable for active and reactive energy and power monitoring applications, and also perfect for solar PV measurements. With RS-485 Modbus port, the meter is easy to remote communication with other AMR/SCADA systems

Technical Features

  • 1-phase
  • bidirectional (4-quadrant)
  • 100 A direct connection
  • indication kWh/kvar (imported/exported)
  • indication of network parameters
  • according to with MID
  • Modbus RTU protocol
    RS-485 port
  • pulse output SO
  • backlited, multi-function LCD display
  • password protected set-up

Measured values

  • Active energy imported/exported AE+/AE- [kWh]
  • Reactive energy imported/exported RE+/RE- [kvarh]
  • Phase voltage U1, U2, U3 [V]
  • Phase current I1, I2, I3 [A]
  • Frequency F [Hz]
  • Active power P [W]
  • Reactive power Q [var]
  • Apparent power S [VA]
  • Power factor cosϕ
  • Power demand


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