LE-01MR meter single-phase alternating current in a direct system

GTIN: 5908312599968
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LE-01MR is a static (electronic) calibrated electricity meter of single-phase alternating current in a direct system

LE-01MR is a static (electronic) calibrated electricity meter of single-phase alternating current in a direct system. It is used for reading and recording of consumed electric energy and mains parameters with remote readout via a wired RS-485 network.

Measured values: Active power - AE+ [kWh], Phase voltage - U [V], Phase current - I [A], Frequency - F [Hz], Meter system temperature - T [°C]

Under the influence of flowing current and applied voltage, the LE meter accurately measures the amount of consumed electricity. Energy consumption is indicated by flashing LED (1000 pulses/kWh). In addition, the device measures the mains parameters and the temperature of its own system. The values are displayed cyclically on LCD display. Parameter changes every 3 seconds. Indicated values: active power (0.1 kWh); voltage (0.1V); current intensity (0.1A). The display is active if the meter power supply is on. If the power supply is off, user can preview the energy usage [kWh] for 30 seconds by pressing the PRESS key.
Communication with the meter working as a SLAVE is performed in accordance with Modbus RTU standard via RS-485 serial port. Converted registers values give results consistent with the indications on the meter display. Each indicator is identified by a unique address assigned by the user.

Technical Features

  • Type single-phase
  • ports RS-485
  • Communication protocol MODBUS RTU
  • Compatibility MID Directive 2014/32 / EU
  • Reference voltage 230 V AC
  • Current current 5:00 AM
  • Maximum current 100 A
  • The minimum measured current 0,02 A
  • Counter's own consumption 8 VA; 0,4 W
  • Scope of indication of the abacus 0÷99999,99 kWh
  • Counter constant (1 Wh/imp) 1000 imp/kWh
  • Reading signaling LED red
  • Accuracy class B
  • Terminal pluggable terminal blocks 25 mm²
  • Working temperature -20÷65°C
  • Dimensions 1 module (18 mm)
  • Assembly on rail 35 mm
  • Ingress Protection Marking IP20 


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