LINX-102 Automation Server CEA-709

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LINX-102 Automation Server CEA-709

The L-INX Automation Servers LINX-102 can host user specific graphical pages for the visualization of information from LonMark systems via LWEB-900 (Building Management) or LWEB-802/803. They can integrate physical I/Os through L-IOB I/O Modules via LIOB-Connect, LIOB-FT, or LIOB-IP. Local operation and override is provided by the built-in jog dial and the backlit display (128x64 pixels). Device and data point information is shown on the display via symbols and in text format.

LonMark Systems can be integrated via IP-852 (Ethernet/‌IP) or TP/‌FT‑10. In addition, the Automation Servers provides connectivity to concurrently integrate KNX, Modbus, and M-Bus and connect as a gateway data points of different technological origin. Optionally, mathematical objects can be applied within a connection to calculate the data point output values depending on the formula used. Depending on the type, the Automaton Servers feature an integrated Remote Network Interface (LINX-102) or an integrated IP-852 router providing the complete feature set of corresponding L-IP devices (LINX-103).

The gateway functionality allows data communication between all communication technologies available on the device. Different technology data points are mapped through Local Connections on the device. The mapping of different technology data points on distributed devices is supported by Global Connections. L-INX Automation Servers also support Smart Auto-Connect™ – the automatic generation of connections to substantially reduce engineering efforts and cost. All technology data points are automatically created as OPC XML-DA and OPC UA data points.

IoT Integration

The IoT function (Node.js) allows connecting the system to almost any cloud service, either for uploading historical data to analytics services, delivering alarm messages to alarm processing services or operating parts of the control system over a cloud service (e.g., scheduling based on Web calendars or booking systems). Processing Internet information such as weather data in forecast-based control is also possible. Finally, the JavaScript kernel also allows implementing serial protocols to non-standard equipment in primary plant control.


  • Visualization of customized graphical pages through LWEB‑900 (Building Management), LWEB‑803 (Monitoring and Control), or LWEB‑802 (Web Browser)
  • Stores customized graphical pages
  • Extension with physical inputs and outputs using L‑IOB I/O Modules (LIOB‑11x/Ax, LIOB‑15x, and LIOB‑45x)
  • 128x64 graphic display with backlight
  • Local and remote access to information about device status and data points
  • Manual operation using the jog dial or VNC client
  • Alarming, Scheduling, and Trending (AST™)
  • Node.js* support for easy IoT integration (e.g. Google calendar, Alexa & friends, multimedia equipment,…)
  • Event-driven e-mail notification
  • Math objects to execute mathematical operations on data points
  • Integrated OPC XML-DA and OPC UA server
  • Dual switched or separated Ethernet ports
  • Access to network statistics
  • Compliant with CEA‑709, CEA‑852, and ISO/‌IEC 14908 Standard (LonMark System)
  • Support TP/FT-10 or IP-852 (Ethernet/IP)
  • Support of dynamically created or static NVs
  • Support of user-defined NVs (UNVTs) and Configuration Properties (SCPTs, UCPTs)
  • Remote Network Interface (RNI) with 2 MNI devices (LINX‑102 only)
  • Integrated IP‑852 to TP/FT‑10 Router (LINX‑103 only)
  • KNXnet/‌IP, connection to KNX TP1 through LKNX-300 Interface
  • M-Bus Master according to EN 13757-3, connection via optional M‑Bus Converter (L‑MBUS20 or L‑MBUS80)
  • Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU/ASCII (Master or Slave)
  • Gateway functions including Smart Auto-Connect™
  • Integrated web server for device configuration and monitoring data points
  • Configurable via Ethernet/‌IP or TP/FT‑10
  • Connection to EnOcean wireless devices via LENO-80x Interface
  • Supports WLAN through LWLAN-800 Interface
  • Supports LTE through LTE‑800 Interface
  • Supports MP-Bus through LMPBUS‑804 Interface
  • Stores user-defined project documentation



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