LINX202 Automation Server

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LINX-202 BACnet Automation Server with LIOB-Connect, B-BC

LINX-202 BACnet Automation Server with LIOB  B-BC connection  The L-INX LINX-202 servers can host specific graphic pages for displaying information from BACnet networks via LWEB-900 (Building Management) or LWEB-802 / 803. They can integrate physical I / O through the I / O L modules -IOB via LIOB-Connect, LIOB-FT or LIOB-IP. Local operation and override are provided by the jog dial and the backlit display (128x64 pixels). Device and data information is shown on the display via symbols and in text format.


  • Dimensions (mm) 107 x 100 x 75 (L x W x H)
  • Installation according to regullations DIN 43880,   rail EN 50022
  • Alimentation 12 – 35 V DC / 12 – 24 V AC ±10 %, typ. 2.5 W
  • Operating conditions 0 °C to 50 °C, 10 – 90 % RH, without condensation , degree of protection: IP40, IP20 (terminals)
  • Interfaces:2 x Ethernet (100Base-T):OPC XML‑DA, OPC UA,BACnet/‌IP*,LIOB‑IP,KNXnet/‌IP,Modbus TCP (Master or Slave),HTTP, FTP, SSH, HTTPS, Firewall, VNC, SNMP1 x LIOB‑Connect
    1 x LIOB‑FT1 x RS‑485 (ANSI TIA/EIA‑485):BACnet MS/‌TP*orModbus RTU (Master o Slave)
    1 x EXT:M‑Bus, Master EN 13757‑3(  L‑MBUS20 o L‑MBUS80) or KNX TP1 (LKNX‑300)orSMI ( LSMI-800)2 x USB-A:WLAN ( LWLAN‑800),EnOcean ( LENO‑80x)


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