MODBUS/RTU module to control LED stripes with twelve individual dimmable channels

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RESI-4LED-SIO:8TE, module with 12 dimmable PWM outputs organized in 4 groups for 4xRGB or 2xRGBW LED strips or 4xDual White LED strips or 12x monochrome LED strips, per LED strip 0-48V =, max. 5A, RS485, MODBUS / RTU + ASCII slave, 12-48V =

MODBUS/RTU module to control LED stripes with twelve individual dimmable channels, organized in four LED groups with three channels each, via serial bus, suitable for RGB, RGBW dual white or mono color LED stripes with common anode, separated power supply for each of the four LED groups 0..48Vdc, max 360W @ 24Vdc, 180W @ 12Vdc, 720W @ 48Vdc. , max. 15A input current per LED group, max. output current per channel 5A, 12 PowerMOS FET PWM outputs with 400Hz PWM frequency for dimming of the LED stripes, host baud rates: 300-256000Bd, none, even or odd parity, 8 data bits, 1 or 2 stop bits, configuration and test of the module via our free LIBRE OFFICE (R) based configurator software or with our free PC software MODBUS configurator


  • Size (LxBxH):143x110x62mm
  • Weight:295g
  • Power supply:12-48V=
  • Power consumption:0.5W
  • Housing:8MU
  • Mounting:mountable onto a EN50022 DIN rail or wall mounting
  • Terminals:Terminal type RM5 Cable cross section: max. 2.5 mm², max. 14AWG Screw: M3 Tightening torque: max. 0.5Nm, max. 4.43 Lb-in Terminal type RM3.5 Cable cross section: max. 1.5 mm², max. 16AWG Screw: M2 Tightening torque: max. 0.2Nm, max. 1.77 Lb-in
  • Certificate:CE
  • TARIC number:8538 90 91


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