8-CH analog input module / RS485

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Z-8AI:8-CH analog input module / RS485

The Z-8AI is used to interface analog inputs (Voltage or current, also with bipolar range) with Modbus system.

The modules can supply all 8 current loops at the same time, this is very useful for 2-wire sensors because the wiring does not need an external power supply.

It’s a ModBUS Slave and can be coupled with any ModBUS Master device. A 3-way galvanic isolation among Power supply // input // RS485 circuits assures the integrity of your data.

Technical Features

  • POWER SUPPLY: 10..40 Vdc, 19..28 Vac
  • AUXILIARY POWER SUPPLY: Up to 8 current loops simultaneously
  • INSULATION: 1,500 Vac between inputs and low voltage circuits
  • INPUT: 8 channels in voltage or current
  • MEASUREMENT SCALE: ± 2.5 Vdc, ± 5 Vdc, ± 10 Vdc, ± 20 mA
  • RESOLUTION: 16 bit
  • COMMUNICATION: 2-wire RS485, Modbus RTU slave protocol, max 64 nodes
  • CONFIGURATION: DIP switch, software 


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